The Reality I Inhabit Right Now

If you could only see inside my head.  Where to begin… So the Ancestors of the Maya showed up in 2012 to those of us who were looking for the signs in the sky.  Dreams became reality, prophecies fulfilled to those who knew them.  I was doing lots of Light work, planting crystals and making fire ceremonies to create portals for the new high vibration energies to ground into Mother Earth.

Technology unified us in ways never before imagined but we still are using devices that take precious resources to build and are too easy to dispose of, thus destroying the environment twice over.

The next step has opened up now.  More and more humans are opening their pineal glands to something outside the material realm.  It is harder for old school logical mentalities to supress the vibrations of the heart chakra consciousness.

The new vibrations will use human brain and heart energy to negate the need for these precious resources while advancing the technology for our use in space travel – not just in this solar system but as deep into space as we want to explore.

This high vibrational technology is rather quite ancient but was long ago forgotten as the patriarchal powers overtook control from the Divine Feminine.  Now is the time of balance of Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine.

This is all recap, the story of my new reality is only just beginning.  The old story has reached its conclusion.  “Some day this will all be forgotten” has become “All has been revealed” – to those with eyes ready to see.

The higher dimensions are filled with other beings of light and anyone following my posts knows that I get blessed a lot with their presence and messages.  I just got another such message today.  It was a doozie!  

This was the first time – well other than from Don Alejandro – that I go to hear a real direct communication from the Ancestors.   It was about a friend of mine who was channelng the messaage so it is kind of personal what they were talking about, and I need to be discrete for now about everything that was communicated.   

Suffice it for now to say that I have a new mission in life.  It will involve getting ready for a huge portal opening, providing psychic protection for the Crystal skulls and making sure the teachings and prophecies get out there unimpeded.

Apparently when too much light is geting out from one source, however humble they may be, the forces of Darkness so entrenched in our matrix seek to stifle and harm the messengers of such good information.  It will be quite the task to defend such a deliate thing of beauty.  It is akin to the flower held up by the Buddha that holds the keys to ultimate Enlightenment.  

I expect some one reading this may be a part of this new journey through dimnsional portals.  If his is resonating with you, please feel free to reach out to me.  There will be jugle pyramid adventures,  fire ceremonies, trance visions, psychic telecommunication with other life forms and maybe waterfalls and hot springs, cenotes and white sand beaches…and micheladas.  We will be as a family looking out for eachother and feeling and growing things together.  

Feel me?

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Thunderbird Man


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