Ample time 11 Aj

Hello all friends in this dreaming wakefulness.  While this is divine masculine energy today, it is a nice time to change the rules in favor of Mother Nature Gaia, and now the Butterfly Queen too.

Build, create, breathe easy.

I have been in a hibernation mode but now it is my birthday season and I am feeling reborn to be sure.  Dolphin Brain activation connection through the heart chakra, man!

Love is taking over.  Because voidness is empty space is infinity with no duality know that we are infinite in higher dimensions that do not die like we die in 3D life.  We are individuated at lest up to the 9th dimension then back to our 144,000 prototype formlessness.

I am listening to Beethoven’s 9th symphony.  We do not know his real birthday but he was baptized Dec 17th, 1770.  That was 11 Deer  (interesting, an old friend of mine has that glyph also).  My dad is 4 Reed, Dec. 17th, 1943, a good mix for today’s energy.

Tomorrow 12 Ix brings in Mother’s day season early.  The Mothership is returning super-soon, as soon as she feels like jumping into her vehicle and driving her cute little patootie down here!

Oh k, so I joined a rock band the other day, 9 Monkey, a drummer and singer/guitarist from here in New Braunfels.   My house is now an Ashram.  Violet Flame Ashram!  Book your stay here now!  Learn how to be happier than you have ever been with things exactly as they are!

Did I mention I love money?  Money and I have had a very tenuous relationship over the years, but we’ve worked things out.  I keep making stuff, like art and killer great music, and Money will continue to flow into my account, my hands and pockets!  You all can help by trading some of your own easily manifested money for my priceless pieces of art.


Et Viola!  you now have a beautiful masterpiece exuding light energy and prayer blessings through your home, office or sacred space!

Imagine this guy transmitting messages from the Underworld Lords through his eyes at you everyday! ..or Venus with her pet rattlesnake?

Thurston Owl the 3rd, Venus and Mars over Rattlesnake Canyon.

oil on Canvas 2017 by Carlos Cedillo

Get it while it’s hot!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Thunderbird Man





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