Aug 21, 2017 Eclipse 5 Lizard

USA prepare to reap your karma, sheep and goats which are you?

The eclipse falls between two other very important days for the USA, one is 4 Akbal/Night, the tzolkin day of Donald Trump! so his Presidency is getting a Cosmic bump.

The day after 5 Ka’t is 6 Kan/Serpent.  Healing of the Kosmic Kudalini.  6 Serpent is not so potent by itself but it is strongly harmonious with 6 Imix/Crocodile that was Sept. 11, 2001.

What is 5 Ka’t/Lizard for us?  It is too much abundance for our own good.  The big financial reset?   A great telepathic connection opening in our consciousness, perpetual manifestation, a connection to higher power?  Natural phenomenon could also be activated by this eclipse… Yellowstone volcano anyone?

Collaborations bear fruit.  If you ask for “unity” then do all in your power to “resist” people you do not like, what is the Universe going to give you?

Tonight!  Summer Solstice lays the foundation for the rest of your (Solar) year.  Will you make the sacrificial offerings with sincerity in your heart?  8 Ik, strong wind, big news, Great Spirit!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Carlos Cedillo, Sun Priest



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