Eclipse of Nov. 3, 2013 and other great eclipses in this slice of time.

The Hybrid eclipse of November 3, 2013 falls on the Mayan sacred tzolkin date of 9 Earthquake. ‘Noj’ is the Highland Maya dialect and ‘Caban’ is the Yucatec Maya from the root word ‘Cab’ which translates to “bees”. Noj is associated with thinking good thoughts/thinking bad thoughts. This day’s theme is about aligning your thoughts with the Schumann resonance field around the Earth.
‘9’ is the level of completion, interconnectivity and what some may call ‘Christ-consciousness’.
What I have gathered from my Daykeeping journal is that 9Noj is a great roots-rock-reggae style of energy.

Because this eclipse is happening to fall mostly over the Atlantic Ocean and Africa through the Republic of Congo, Kenya and Somalia, that will be where we see a nice quantum leap in that region’s importance to the rest of the world. Venezuela and Brazil will be re-tuned through this eclipse as well countries as far afield as Portugal and Spain and Turkey down to South Africa will gets tastes of this autumns special eclipse shadow.

Our thoughts about the true nature of the Earth will interconnect around the globe producing a burst of light from within our own cosmic consciouness. ‘El Mundo’ is what many Latin American shamans refer to as a hidden spiritual force of the Earth itself that opens up through portals at obscure locations deep in nature. Volcanoes and mountains often display this behavior, or you may find yourself drawn to a desert or thick jungle forest. Caverns are notorious homes of Earth dwelling spirits and the Underworld gods.

Our Thoughts are creations of light energies and energetic fields that permeate and surround our physical, emotional and mental bodies. To best maintain our mental health it is a good idea to allow our minds and consciousness to realign with actual Earth vibrations now and again. If it takes putting on your chanclas, walking a sandy beach and then smoking some ganja and dancing to Reggae music all night, then you gotta do what you gotta do!

In beginning this article about the upcoming Hybrid Annular/Total eclipse, I thought about looking up some famous eclipses from the past and the first that came to my intuitive mind were the Eclipses of August 11, 1999 and November 8, 2003. Looking at these dates on the Maya tzolkin we get 11 Kawok (Cauac) or ‘Rainstorm’ for Aug. 11,1999, a day that is only two days after 9 Earthquake. Nov. 8, 2003 pulls up 1Toj, or “Water/offering”. Toj is part of the name of a character named ‘Tojil’ in the Popol Vuh, or Mayan creation story. Tojil gives early humans fire, but only after they agree to allow him to suckle on their left sides. That was the heart sacrifice.

November 8, 2003, there was a birthday celebration for private first class Lynndie England at Abu Ghraib prison where she got to help her fellow prison guards torture and humiliate Iraqi prisoners The photos were later leaked to the media and created something of a stir back in the States.

There was another important recent eclipse also on a 1 Water day, December 21, 2010, A significant precursor to the big date of 12/21/12.

As I scrolled my Daykeeping journal through the 13 day period known as a ‘trecena’, from 1Water to 13Crocodile, I was surprised to see other important eclipses had fallen with in this slice of the tzolkin 260-day pie. July 22, 2009 was the longest Eclipse of the century, that was a on a 4Road day, and was 260 days, just one tzolkin round, after the election of Barack Obama.

There was a Total Lunar eclipse on 6Jaguar day, Feb. 20, 2008. My life partner and I were wise enough to catch the moon turning blood red atop Enchanted Rock in Fredericksburg, TX. 6Jaguar falls 3 days before 9Earthquake. January 9, 2001 saw a lunar eclipse fall on 19 degrees of Cancer on an 8Owl day, which is the day before 9Earthquake.

The Venus Transit was celebrated with much fanfare on 13Crocodile day, June 5, 2012. Before we hit that day, the current 20 day ‘uinal’ ends at 12Ahau on November 6, 2013. So we have some Abundant Times in our present part of the tzolkn cycle. The Chilam Balam prophecy for 12Ahau says there will be beneficient rain priests, ‘piles of Tortillas’ and couples going through the ‘Doorway of Money’.


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