The Storm is here.

Hello. January 2nd 2018 was 9 Flint knife, the light of Truth the ultimate truth. There is great and healing when you see and acknowledge the truth and there is great humility when you acknowledge that somebody or some other source have more knowledge than you or other knowledge you weren’t aware of that can help you make better decisions in life.

January 3rd 2018 is 10 rainstorm. This is the energy of the Mayan God of rain and war, Chac. Our president Trump has been talking about a storm and there’s been messages from high-level Anonymous sources in our government called Q indicating that right now we are in the middle of a storm in regards to deep State politics. Many of us with higher awareness other than mainstream media sources have been waiting and waiting very patiently for this moment when very dark and dangerous energies can be purged from our mother earth.

There there was much expectation for the time period of 2012 also known as 13 Baktun in the Maya long count. We are now witnessing much of what the prophecies actually told us to expect. The phenomenon of fake news was prophesized in the Jaguar Prophet books of the Maya. They also tied to that prediction to the return of the ancestors the ancestors in the ancient oral tradition of the Mayan history were from the Pleiades constellation. These we now call the light ships of the Galactic Federation of Light. Ashtar command and Sananda, St. Germain and many other ascended masters and angels and interplanetary light beings have been sharing their messages through channels who have been posting written and audible video presentations for many years now on the regular internet.

I understand that many days have come and gone that were supposed to be some sort of magical window portals into some vastly different sort of a reality or some major cataclysmic or revolutionary or otherwise major event but what is really happening on these special days is it we’re getting energetic boosts from the center of the universe. So of course nothing is going to happen if you do not choose to put your focus and attention and prayers into these days, which is the point of having special sacred calendar Mayan sacred calendar. When you have a ceremony or you do a meditation or you visit a holy site or you do special action according to the days of my calendar then you start to be in his better flow of life more positive things can happen for you and for everybody in the universe if that is the intention you desire and you exert personal power towards.

Being stuck in the Gregorian calendar keeps you in time Loops that are not of your soul or of your personal interests and spiritual growth. That is even more so for those who use a false Mayan calendar or 13 moon calendar as it is called that is still a distortion of what time really is.  As spiritual light beings living in a limited three dimensional Matrix reality we have a certain obligation to keep this physical vessel alive. It is said that we come from another Realm perhaps known as heaven I would like to think of it as higher Dimensions because that is more of a scientific way to tie what I’m talking about to this reality, and when we come down that is a way of describing returning from a higher Dimension. It could be 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 or Beyond that we have a connection to in this body of three dimensions and throughout all of those other dimensions as well. That could be called our soul, it can be called our higher self, it can be called our connection to source.

We were created in this lower three-dimensional reality perspective in order that we should connect consciously to these higher aspects of our own self and the other higher beings in those higher dimension that we interact with such a way that we interact with other human beings and animals and other life forms on this third dimension.

The sheep have been divided from the goats already. I AM here to tell you that you’d better be ready for a Land of Plenty beautiful free expressive meaningful interdimensional relationship. The storm approaches the storm is here storm is swirling. Look at this new reality.  Look up from the snares of the old control Matrix.


Carlos Cedillo



Future report: The Immortality Quest

Get fabulously wealthy. Freedom to Love. Freedom from limitation; physical, of mind and spirit. Healing the Timeline Split. Time can be your ally or you can howl menacingly to the sky.

“I AM composing this poem because I love you.” – 0010110. We own the whole world the moment we let it all go. Only in infinite giving is the wisdom perfected. We have held one side of the thread and somewhere it broke off in the middle, who got the short end? Which end was tied to the Earth and which to Heaven? Into a pen the goats herded themselves resisting the call. Into a field of plenty wander the sheep led by the Truth, that always their Shepard sought greener pastures to bless his flock. That is why it is called The Way. This is just a metaphor, btw.

The Hero Twins of the Popol Vuh tricked their older bothers into climbing into the trees and those trees grew into the sky. Now the monkeys of the old Baktun are being chased into the trees again. They will be the left behinds. Those in the Right of Truth and Love will get to evolved beyond the tailless monkey age into Homoexoplanetarious.

We send love to those who wish to remain on the Earth as it currently exists in 3-D matrix reality. Lord knows it has been a tough road to walk. There will always be fear in 3D, that’s part of what you signed up for coming in. We have chosen to go a new route however. The lights in the sky beckon us “come hither”, Free your mind. May this Earth and the new higher dimensional reality find a point of Union.

In a state of “doing by not doing” for so long, even that must be let go of. Off on our Way, we go once more. With great wealth comes great responsibility.  A debt we owe El Mundo for our life. Every day a winding up the stairway or a grinding between the gears. I choose to untie the knots in the lines of time. My psychic energy clots have been unmangled. Thanks to a Saviour Angel, a true Deva anointing my physical vessel, I live in union with the divine.

The Plan, to be at Chichen Itza pyramid of Kulkulkan. March 20-22 to see the serpent crawl down the pyramid as a ghostly shadow. The crystal skulls will be our guide, and the Mayan Ancestors. The Star Beings Alliance will allow us onto their Lightships, but there is still lots of work. To arrive at the correct angelic energy vortex at the alloted time is the only challenge. Again, the best things in life cannot even be planned out in too much detail, but we can dream it all into perfect alignment.

For what higher purpose do we even wish such an endeavor? I see it as equivalent to climbing Mt. Everest: because it is there. The maximum experience of infinite love and creativity. To show the rest of humanity forever that it can be done. To laugh as I create multiple worlds of beautiful beings and travel to them with my best friends and loves.

To find the portals of entry into the Lair of the Immortals here inside the stone of Earth’s own crust. Where is the portal to the new relaity?   The Hopi climbed a hole in the sky to arrive on this upper world, is there another such portal we should climb to and leave the tainted world behind?   At holy sights in Texas a sacred deer is about to emerge from he underworld. At Enchanted Rock we will stand at it’s heart revering the deer’s tail as a comet and the Pleiades it’s antlers.

Karma has been cleansed, at least for some of us. Making us lighter for the Ascent. The other secret is out, that we get to turn our physical vessels into light vessels then combine those vessel with the Sun and Moon and Star vessels and off we go anywhere in infinite universes. Or hey if you just want to travel with me to the Maya pyramids, that is some of the best stuff in this 3d matrix reality show.

I put this meme in the atmosphere I AM that I AM and I am not my will but Thine be done. Buddha teaches that “I” is just a worldly convenience. The Perfection of Giving leads to expansion. There is go Giver, no gift, no receiver. In this Way all is fulfilled, perfect Love. “It’s not my problem” the Way to the end of Suffering. The Noble eight fold Path.

0010110 the new signature of energy in higher dimensional context.  The platform of agreed upon creation of Gaia and the Sun in alignment with the other conscious planets – thought bubbles! – sphere Beings of light. Agreed to be in existence on a 3 dimensional matrix dreamed into mutual existence. This why you do not simply “create your own reality” because that would be a breach of the agreed upon Creator’s creation. We Create our reality in alignment with the virtues of expansion, not destruction. How can you get into alignment with higher dimensional Beingness if you try to cheat in this lower (relatively) dimensional reality we agreed to dream before our own manifestation?

Freedom of speech means freedom to think what you want and reject thinking that is out of alignment. There are vibrational realities I have been aware of and I want to share with my co-creators.  The more of us there are together working our Merkaba fields, the faster we get the Mothership built and Light activated. The Way suddenly will be far more interesting than it has been on the spherical thought bubble we call Earth. We can remember the song we once knew so well.
-Carlos Cedillo 2018


8 Lizard Abundance; we can do anything

Our Offerings at Violet Flame Ashram

The first vision of Violet Flame Ashram came to me in early 2017 through conversations with a friend I had met in Sedona in 2012 at a convergence for Spiring Equinox.  My friend was wanting to teach information she was receiving from the Mayan Ancestors and Crystal skulls.  She also needed divine protection from a certain not-so-benevolent spiritual teacher.  When she mentioned looking for an Ashram to meditate, I suggested coming to meditate by the Guadalupe river at my home in New Braunfels, TX.  Our mutual interest in St. Germain made Violet Flame Ashram the most logical name for our current endeavor.

The Violet Flame is a perceivable light that holds the frequency needed to transmute any dark or negative frequencies of out-dated belief systems, stories of our past traumatic events, and it cleanses our chakra system of archons [dark energetic beings] and unfounded fears, and replaces them with Love, Freedom, self-confidence and Abundance consciousness.

An Ashram in the Eastern spiritual traditions is a place of meditation, silence, contemplation of our Divine nature.  Violet Flame Ashram will be a place where ancient spiritual traditions merge with the present technological age to co-create the most visionary futuristic goals for all of humanity, one individual awakening at a time.

Mayan Calendar, Ceremony and personal life path readings.

The traditional ancient Mayan calendar will be adhered to.  It is the way grounded in humility.  The subtle vibe of each day in the 20 and 13 day cycles will be attended to with gentle mindfulness. Understanding the certainty of these cycles creates Peace of Mind.  Only when the Truth of the nature of Time is grasped can we use Time as a gateway into higher dimensional consciousness.

The Mayan Fire ceremony will be used as a way of grounding Cosmic Wisdom into the Earth.  We celebrate, recognize, revere and teach the qualities of every day’s spiritual life force energy.  We also teach the ancient mythology and traditions as we learn to observe the same Cosmic forces active in our day to day existence.  Foretelling the future is also possible as past, present and future are seen and experienced as One.   We are at the beginning of a new grand cycle and we are the ones here to create the new Earth … or whatever is beyond.

We are currently opening up to higher dimensional consciousness.  As human beings in a 3 dimensional reality structure, we have grown accustomed to this limited physical experience.  The Maya Jaguar Prophets teach about the return of the “Ancestors” at the end of the previous Grand cycle.  The elders have referred to Light Ships as “Ships of our Ancestors” dancing above the pyramids.

0010110 and CE-5 protocol

Today these Light ships are known as the Galactic Federation of Light and Ashtar Command.  This information has mostly been received through channelers but sometimes through direct experiences and dream contact.  Discernment is needed to know what truth is in any field of knowledge, this is no different.  Violet Flame Ashram will be a place to learn discernment and heightened intuition.

In order to see and to make contact with these Light Ships in the sky, we no longer need to wait for a big announcement from any government.  We only need to open our hearts and minds to this new vibrational reality and begin to walk in the higher dimensions as we walk simultaneously in a 3-D reality.   Then we can simply ask “Ashtar Command” and the Galactic Federation of Light to show themselves and on any clear night we can observe the Light Ships with ease.  This is because we can speak in their vibration that is of a higher dimensional reality.  The first rule of thumb is that in order to see, you must believe!

0010110 is a foundational code of Cosmic Creation, 7 digits with a Yin and Yang with a zero in the middle representing the vast infinity of empty space where anything is possible.  CE-5 is a meditation protocol created by Dr. Stephen Greer of the Disclosure Project that anyone can use to make contact.

Ascended Masters, Arch Angels, Nature Spirits and the “Immortals”

Using the Violet Flame of Transmutation, we can remove blocks that have kept our 3rd eye closed to the reality of other energetic Beings in our midst.  Ascended Masters such as St. Germain, Buddha, Jesus, the Arch Angels, and the Galactic Brotherhood of Light, Devas and other Light Beings can assist us on our Earth Walk. We plan to visit many Sacred sites where such entities can more easily make themselves known.  The “Immortals” appear to the Navajo at Canyon de Chelley, AZ.  Orbs that appear in photographs are nature spirits who desire to be known by us. Ascension can be achieved but that is personal choice after your Life’s mission is accomplished.

Hsin Tao Yoga,  Crystal Chakra balancing, Pendulum dowsing

Grounding of the new Cosmic rays into the body and the Earth is a vital part of the Violet Light transmutation process.  Hsin Tao Yoga is a graceful technique of synching circular movements with your natural breathing rhythm.   Developed in the Shaolin monastery in China, Hsin Tao is a wonderful tool for emotional centering and physical rejuvenation.

Regular clearing of your aura and chakra system with crystals and pendulum helps maintain positive self-awareness.  Dowsing rods and other tools for healing and enhancing your intuition are encouraged at the Violet Flame Ashram.

Music and Art

Original Art and Music will be offered as a gift to high value donors.  One huge part of Violet Flame Ashram experience is learning to discern great music with positive uplifting vibrations from music with lower density vibrations and dark or artificial emotions.  Beautiful art and intricate design with meaningful symbols and interesting stories and favored over “shock” art and frivolity.  Once again, intention is everything.  Rather than focusing on “art for art’s sake” or “commercial art”, we intend to push popular culture beyond materialism and instant gratification to appreciation of heart centered emotion and vibrations that open the audience to the higher dimensional experiences.

As part of his self-teaching about the Maya calendar, Carlos Cedillo has been painting the Mayan glyphs since May 2000.  He also incorporates Southwest Native American glyphs, Eastern religious figures and symbols, and surreal landscapes in his art work.  Other artists are encouraged to offer their works as gifts to donors as well.

Earth based entheogen experiences and natural remedies

Sacred Plant medicine will be a personal choice that some people will wish to experience: “I AM the Violet Flame of Freedom’s Love.”  Like tobacco and alcohol, the effect of plant based psychedelics depends much upon the intent and proper use for each individual.  Alcohol and chemical-based drugs are strongly discouraged and are not a part of the Violet Flame Ashram curriculum or way of life.

Travel to Sacred Sites and visiting Elders

The Violet Flame Ashram is worldwide.  To properly honor and respect the Earth, we will travel to Sacred sites with the intention of connecting the Angelic Light grid and soak our human bodies in energy fields of real sacred vortices.  Teachers from many traditions will be invited to teach and perform their spiritual traditions at our Ashram, or where ever we need to go to visit them.  Also musicians, artists and whoever has anything to contribute to the up-liftment of humanity is encouraged to be a part of our Violet Flame Ashram Family of Light.


Happy Solstice! 12-21-17, 10 Death


we are alive again another season another reason

4 Gregorian calendar months since the Great American Eclipse of Aug 21, 2017

two days ago it was 8 Lizard, 120 days after the eclipse.

Last Sunday the New Moon fell on 6 Ik/Wind.  6 Ik holds the energy of the June 8, 2004 Venus Transit.

Personally I have been undergoing a huge healing transformation while visiting a friend in Eugene Oregon.  I return tomorrow night to Texas – 11 Deer.

To my apprentices, I hope you have been taking notes everyday  Many of the things I taught during the 8 Monkey ceremony have come to pass as predicted.    What has happened just 260 days ago?  520 days ago? What day will 10 Death fall on in 2018?     Have a safe and beautiful Christmas and New Year.  When is the next best day for a ceremony?  What day is January 1, 2018, how will it effect the next Gregorian calendar year?

Blessings and love,




3 Death


I taught three classes at the Centro Hispano de San Marcos, TX today, about 75 kids total.  I played two songs from Spain and explained the two Maya calendar paintings I did hanging there at the Centro.

Then I went for a walk in the cemetery and you can click that link.

I figure this may really be my last few months in Texas.  I hope to be out of here next Spring.  I do want to go to Mexico a few more times.  I have to take my new apprentices.  We all need to go see the Snake coming down the pyramid on the Spring equinox.


The time be nigh!

Sept. New Moon, Equinox and Sept.23rd Timeline split is upon us!

Idiotic sheep scream “it’s the end of the world!!!”  knowing how stupid it sounds as they speak it.

So WHAT is it happening?  A Timeline split may have occurred in the past but here we are now in the middle of a huge split in how humans are experiencing “time”.

Time is not simply the speed of one object moving away from another object.  All energy and all “things” are vibrational.  Time is no different, we experience the feeling of time passing as a vibrational frequency.  So there are many folks still trapped in the 3rd dimensional concept of time as two celestial bodies moving around each other.  Those of us making the timeline jump are experiencing something profoundly different.  Time as a resonant frequency of light energy.

Like a piano or harp that one string vibrates and creates other strings to resonate, so time in the “now” moment is a series of vibrations raising up to higher dimensions when there are not enough tones  audible in the lower dimensional field of consciousness.   As we learn to perceive the higher dimensions, we can walk, talk and be fully aware in these new higher dimensions.

So a few of us are seeing the lightships in the sky “on demand” while others are still trapped in egoic denial.  It is tough to experience your worldview being ripped apart in the high winds of new dimensional perception.  The sheep have already been divided from the goats I am sure, but a few friends of mine will stick around to help the goats move on up eventually.


We are creating a “spaceship” a “Lightship” actually that will travel through the entire Cosmos.  Not a metal container like David Bowie’s “tin can”, but a Light-body that we each have within us already.  Jesus said “the kingdom of Heaven is within you”  so shall we unite our personal Merkaba energy fields and then join with the Earth Merkaba to birth the light ship around us, then off to the Heavens we will fly!

Blessings you all!  I am not doing the ceremony I had planned for this Saturday, Sept. 23rd.  I am going to simply go with the flow and see what the Universe delivers.


Peace out y’all

Thunderbird Man, Carlos Cedillo

healing sessions $60-$100

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12 Lizard, 13 Serpent

Today has been 20 days since the August 21, 2017 eclipse. That was 5 Lizard, today is 12 Lizard. I had done lots of healing work during the eclipse and today I am doing it again in Austin.

Tomorrow September 11, 2017, is 13 Serpent. That is GWB and OBL birthday on the tzolkin calendar. So the hurricane currently hitting Florida is connected to the eclipse and to the oil cartels. 13 Serpent can be a great day for yoga or just sleep to allow healing. It should not be used for invading countries for their oil after creating a false flag terror event.

So what ever you did or experienced during the eclipse, expect more of that.

Get ready for SEPTEMBER 23, 2017, that will be 33 days after the eclipse. 12 Noj/Earthquake. Jupiter exits Virgo that day symbolizing the rebirth of a king according to Christian astrologers who insist they are not astrologers because astrology is “of the Devil” except for them.

I am doing a Mayan fire ceremony Sept 23 at Lotus Bend Sanctuary in S. Austin. Stay tuned.

Get your chakras clear now.  $60-$100

Email me at

Also use that address for paypal donations!

Peace out,

Carlos Cedillo

3 Eagle Fledgling

Hi You!

Today has a mild restless energy.  Make time to ask for what you need.  I am wishing very deeply for financial independence and it seems that the new crypto currency craze is the way to go, at least “all boats will be lifted” as the saying goes.

Today I applied to create a guitar class at Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos.  I pray that I can get some students interested.



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Mcfly drone tech investment is a little more complicated to get started in but the trend is up today, I think it looks fairly legit.

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I had been talking about getting off of Facebook for good and as Steemit gets more popular it will be the new social media platform for everybody to make money, not just one dude.

My personal take on all this is that the old school money system is finally showing signs of it’s death throws.  What had to happen is the new system to break through the ground.  That happened two days ago on 1 Reed.

I met with a new group of friends here in New Braunfels all into the crypto currency!  (I never had actual friends in this town, so this is revolutionary)  They are trying to start a new form of currency themselves called “Unibits” for the New Braunfels Unicorn mascot.  It is intended to unify all different currencies into one platform… or something like that, they can explain it much better than I can.

SO when I do become a crypto currency millionaire, then I can give away al my spiritual work for “free” (nothing is free, until you realize you are not a thing!).  Even the Monks from Tibet charged a cool $400 for a house blessing while they were in Austin.  The fact that they charged money did NOT negate the blessing or make it awkward in any way.

Also  I have not yet installed this app but it looks very cool.  Just letting you know.  You can still get rid of your Federal Reserve note dollars by donating them to my GoFundMe for a new Classical Guitar!!! Love you all!

And I still do great Maya calendar readings and Crystal Chakra healing now mobile between Austin and San Antonio!  830-660-4159

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Carlos Cedillo

P.S. upcoming event Sept 23rd!  very big event at Lotus Bend Sanctuary!!!