Praise for Violet Flame Records, Carlos Cedillo!

“I feel so fortunate to own two distinct pieces of Carlos Cedillo art. They are prominently displayed in my home and everyone comments on them. They are a blessing and a joy.”  MAS, Los Angeles

Carlos Cedillo has spent his whole life researching the Mayan calendar and is very knowledgeable about it.

It’s healthy to occasionally see a different type of perspective on time and understand its cycles in a new light.  If you’re ever interested in hearing a new perspective about calendars you should go to one of his ceremonies! – Robert Ratliff

I have had the pleasure of attending two of Carlos Cedillo’s Mayan fire ceremonies. Carlos is amazing in his professional and knowledgeable delivery.  I highly recommend it. He is one amazing Musician as well. – Binky La Faye

Carlos Cedillo did a crystal healing on me in February 2017. It was a calming and rejuvenate experience. I felt much more grounded and in-touch with my inner child! Great voice projection, profound words of wisdom!  – Tina Archer Osburn

for mayan reading: “I didn’t know what to expect. All I know is one day, after that fateful US election in 2016, when no logical person could respect or explain what was happening in America, I had an instinct to call and book a Mayan Birth Reading with Carlos Cedillo.  After a life-time of rarely feeling comfortable in America (and I was BORN here) I felt the information and the energy from the Mayan Birth Reading lifted me every so easily from the misunderstandings of this country and shifted my intelligence and consciousness to understand the world from the broadest perspective.  I had a VERY broad perspective and a vital education to begin with, and yet, I was missing a few pieces of the information that Carlos had to share.  I deeply appreciate the new perspective.  If you are a compassionate and empathetic person — or just want to be a compassionate and empathetic person — and you want to know where you fit in the world, I recommend you book a reading with Carlos and start the life that will respect your true nature.” MAS LA

I’ve known Carlos for about 5 years now. When we first met, it was for a Maya calendar reading. He was able to give me so much insight into myself, and has since grown to be a source of knowledge and deeper understanding, as well as a dear friend.  Though we live so far away, I’ve had the pleasure of attending a Fire Ceremony, in which my husband and I gained deeper knowledge of the unique energies of the Mayan Calendar days.  Carlos is well versed in his expertise, and a forever trusted source of knowledge. – Sasha Devore

I am very happy to recommend Carlos as a  Mayan Astrolger/Daykeeper and as a healer and clairvoyant reader.  Carlos’ introduction to Mayan Daykeeping for me has enabled me to understand and use this system of understanding time and cycles in a very practical and helpful way in my daily life.  Carlos’ clairvoyant reading was accurate, informative and comforting – all aspects of a healer at work. Carlos’ artwork is vibrant and alive with power and  meaning.  I am grateful he has been generous to me by selling some of his work to me at a prices I can afford.  Carlos will be an asset within any group he might work in and coordinate with in my opinion.  – Lea Nieder

Hi love attending the Mayan Fire Ceremonies that Carlos leads.  You get a connection to Native American tradition, an education in the Mayan Calendar and a spiritual uplifting all in one evening!

— Cliff Collard


More than a counter of sacred days, Carlos embodies the knowledge and wisdoms of the ancients. He serves as a guide and in so doing, becomes a friend. – Melissa Quintela