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I taught three classes at the Centro Hispano de San Marcos, TX today, about 75 kids total.  I played two songs from Spain and explained the two Maya calendar paintings I did hanging there at the Centro.

Then I went for a walk in the cemetery and you can click that link.

I figure this may really be my last few months in Texas.  I hope to be out of here next Spring.  I do want to go to Mexico a few more times.  I have to take my new apprentices.  We all need to go see the Snake coming down the pyramid on the Spring equinox.



The time be nigh!


Sept. New Moon, Equinox and Sept.23rd Timeline split is upon us!

Idiotic sheep scream “it’s the end of the world!!!”  knowing how stupid it sounds as they speak it.

So WHAT is it happening?  A Timeline split may have occurred in the past but here we are now in the middle of a huge split in how humans are experiencing “time”.

Time is not simply the speed of one object moving away from another object.  All energy and all “things” are vibrational.  Time is no different, we experience the feeling of time passing as a vibrational frequency.  So there are many folks still trapped in the 3rd dimensional concept of time as two celestial bodies moving around each other.  Those of us making the timeline jump are experiencing something profoundly different.  Time as a resonant frequency of light energy.

Like a piano or harp that one string vibrates and creates other strings to resonate, so time in the “now” moment is a series of vibrations raising up to higher dimensions when there are not enough tones  audible in the lower dimensional field of consciousness.   As we learn to perceive the higher dimensions, we can walk, talk and be fully aware in these new higher dimensions.

So a few of us are seeing the lightships in the sky “on demand” while others are still trapped in egoic denial.  It is tough to experience your worldview being ripped apart in the high winds of new dimensional perception.  The sheep have already been divided from the goats I am sure, but a few friends of mine will stick around to help the goats move on up eventually.


We are creating a “spaceship” a “Lightship” actually that will travel through the entire Cosmos.  Not a metal container like David Bowie’s “tin can”, but a Light-body that we each have within us already.  Jesus said “the kingdom of Heaven is within you”  so shall we unite our personal Merkaba energy fields and then join with the Earth Merkaba to birth the light ship around us, then off to the Heavens we will fly!

Blessings you all!  I am not doing the ceremony I had planned for this Saturday, Sept. 23rd.  I am going to simply go with the flow and see what the Universe delivers.


Peace out y’all

Thunderbird Man, Carlos Cedillo

healing sessions $60-$100

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12 Lizard, 13 Serpent

Today has been 20 days since the August 21, 2017 eclipse. That was 5 Lizard, today is 12 Lizard. I had done lots of healing work during the eclipse and today I am doing it again in Austin.

Tomorrow September 11, 2017, is 13 Serpent. That is GWB and OBL birthday on the tzolkin calendar. So the hurricane currently hitting Florida is connected to the eclipse and to the oil cartels. 13 Serpent can be a great day for yoga or just sleep to allow healing. It should not be used for invading countries for their oil after creating a false flag terror event.

So what ever you did or experienced during the eclipse, expect more of that.

Get ready for SEPTEMBER 23, 2017, that will be 33 days after the eclipse. 12 Noj/Earthquake. Jupiter exits Virgo that day symbolizing the rebirth of a king according to Christian astrologers who insist they are not astrologers because astrology is “of the Devil” except for them.

I am doing a Mayan fire ceremony Sept 23 at Lotus Bend Sanctuary in S. Austin. Stay tuned.

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Peace out,

Carlos Cedillo

3 Eagle Fledgling

Hi You!

Today has a mild restless energy.  Make time to ask for what you need.  I am wishing very deeply for financial independence and it seems that the new crypto currency craze is the way to go, at least “all boats will be lifted” as the saying goes.

Today I applied to create a guitar class at Centro Cultural Hispano de San Marcos.  I pray that I can get some students interested.

Also https://sanmarcos.craigslist.org/msg/6289580157.html


If you do not have a coinbase wallet, you may want to apply for that today https://www.coinbase.com/join/59a60a7295ff7200ba7bf7dd

Doing so from here gets us both $10 free bitcoin with our first $100 trade!

Then there is this http://blockchain.aero

Mcfly drone tech investment is a little more complicated to get started in but the trend is up today, I think it looks fairly legit.

And also like my Steemit page!


I had been talking about getting off of Facebook for good and as Steemit gets more popular it will be the new social media platform for everybody to make money, not just one dude.

My personal take on all this is that the old school money system is finally showing signs of it’s death throws.  What had to happen is the new system to break through the ground.  That happened two days ago on 1 Reed.

I met with a new group of friends here in New Braunfels all into the crypto currency!  (I never had actual friends in this town, so this is revolutionary)  They are trying to start a new form of currency themselves called “Unibits” for the New Braunfels Unicorn mascot.  It is intended to unify all different currencies into one platform… or something like that, they can explain it much better than I can.

SO when I do become a crypto currency millionaire, then I can give away al my spiritual work for “free” (nothing is free, until you realize you are not a thing!).  Even the Monks from Tibet charged a cool $400 for a house blessing while they were in Austin.  The fact that they charged money did NOT negate the blessing or make it awkward in any way.

Also minergate.com  I have not yet installed this app but it looks very cool.  Just letting you know.  You can still get rid of your Federal Reserve note dollars by donating them to my GoFundMe for a new Classical Guitar!!! Love you all!


And I still do great Maya calendar readings and Crystal Chakra healing now mobile between Austin and San Antonio!  830-660-4159

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Carlos Cedillo

P.S. upcoming event Sept 23rd!  very big event at Lotus Bend Sanctuary!!! https://www.facebook.com/events/121168998536201

5 Lizard Eclipse Update!

Update, August 11, 2017, 8 Jaguar

I fly out tomorrow early morning red-eye to Minneapolis then Portland, then Eugene

Then drive to Mt. Shasta!

goodness, is this a Dream, then when I return I get a new guitar for $5500.00

and you all buy my paintings, that’s awesome.



So it is Time again to prepare for a great ceremony, this is sure to be the greatest I have ever participated in!

The Venus Transit was certainly very Epic.  Llano Earth Art Fest was epic last year.

11 Monkey

Time warp.

Lots transpiring in the Underworld and Cosmos to effect great changes.

Come see the lightships with me!  https://www.facebook.com/events/838179293029990/

It was July 25, 2012, also an 11 Monkey day, that I first experienced “Calling down the Lightships” with some friends at Purgatory Creek green space in SMTX.

So Today another 11 Monkey, we are at it again at Lotus Bend Sanctuary.

There has been great progress since 2012.  The new birthed creations are only 5 years old now, so still very fresh and child-like.  Our Wonder is ignited.  Notice how many people are awake or in process of awakening.

Also notice how hard the Dark forces have to work to keep everyone else asleep, afraid to wake up from the nightmare.

The lightships cannot land yet.  There is still too much heavy low vibrations on Earth.  They are from higher dimensions ya know.  but we can raise ourselves up to meet them half way.

Tonight we will make our energies combined into a big Merkaba.  From our heart centered loving vibrations we assemble the 12 pointed star and set it spinning to lift us up to the Star brothers’ vibratory field.

I will be doing this as often as possible at various location.  If you cannot make it out tonight, please let me know when or where else you would like to have this experience!

Blessings and Love


Thunderbird Man Carlos Cedillo

PS we did it! we totally called down the Motherships https://youtu.be/-aEI7ix3Z50


What is it worth? Energy and real money

12 Rainstorm, 7/7/2017.  10 years since 7-7-7 bus bombing false flag in London.  Also one year since the Dallas police shooting.

So today is about purging.  It is also Miles Davis’ tzolkin.

Tonight I am going to a peyote ceremony, it is mostly private.  Tomorrow I will do a Mayan fire ceremony in Austin.

Big question of this past 260 day cycle has been what is money?  What is value? what is Time worth?  What is energy worth?

Money as we know it is certainly a huge fiction.  If only a small number of bankers can manipulate the value of dollars or Yuan or any currency, then how can everyone else ever get ahead?  There is this big club of people who have money and they sorely want to keep it to themselves as much as possible.  If another person has lots of money, then it is no problem at all for them to give each other lots of it back and forth.  But if there is someone who is lacking money, then that person is shunned, not part of the clique and not  offered anything for their hard work and service.

Many folks have a belief that “spiritual work” should be given for free, as if no energy was involved.  Some Native Americans for example get very upset that anyone would teach “their” beliefs to non-Natives.  But the Anglos with the money want to give it to spiritual practitioners who already have “manifested” lots of money.  So the Catch 22 is that sure I would love to give my healing energy to everyone for free, but there is too much energy involved in doing that.  So I set my price point between $60 and $100.  Still that is too much for some but confusing to others, who have the money, to see what I am giving them for it.  The energy is invisible.  The time and money I already spent traveling to Mayan pyramids and on Spiritual journeys are not visible to new clientele.

This past week I learned more about “crypto-currencies” like Bitcoin.  This is true progress.  It allows us to finally create our own money that can be converted into any currency anywhere in the world.  The energy and time involved is just getting the computer parts and running your own computer and electricity.   If you have an alternate energy source like solar panels, you can really maximize the profits collected monthly.  Regular dollars printed by the Federal Reserve are tied to the price of oil, so that is another way to trick the markets into skimming the cream off the top of the butter churn, just pretend there isn’t enough oil for a while.

So Freedom is never really free, there has to be some energy spent somewhere. but this energy from the sun or wind is truly free to be mined by folks like you and I.  This two-world paradigm is having a slow effect incrementally tearing us apart.  There are those who have been part of the Dollar Club who do not want this gravy train to ever stop.  Then there are the new Pirates of the Sun who are truly free to sail around the world from port to port with their internet passwords memorized to draw any currency from their account whenever or wherever they have a computer and wifi connection.

So I am offering now crystal chakra healings.  Along with a basic Maya calendar reading, this session can really help you unlock your psychic potential, clear emotional and mental blockages, and make you more creative and courageous.

Let me know when you want to come on down and how much you are able to donate!

Blessings and Love,

Carlos Cedillo



Upcoming 13 Ahau ceremony! Austin


July 8, 2017 is 13 Ahau, Cosmic Sun day, the end of another 260 Tzolkin sacred calendar cycle!  Please come help us celebrate and give thanks to Great Spirit, Creator and all our guides along this fabulous journey.

Please read the invite to know what to bring.

For More Information
Reverend Randy: (918) 640-8757 (no texting)

13 Ahau happened on Oct. 28, 2011, the “end” of the great cycle as calculated by Dr. Carl Johann Calleman.  (Dec. 21, 2012 was 4 Ahau, the traditional “end” date predicted by the ancient Maya)  Pictures from the Oct. 28, 2011 Waitaha Grandmothers ceremony can be seen here

Love you all!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Carlos Cedillo