260 Days ago was February 5th 2016,  there has been a huge evolutionary leap for everyone this year.  So many famous people passed away.  It has been as if we had to make space for an entirely new culture.  Some where after the 1960s we have completely lost our sence of authenticity.  Commercialism grabbed us like a noose.  There was no longer any requirement for artists and media to tell us truth in any form.  “Reality TV” created the least real scenarios and stole the souls from many young aspiring artists.  Fear took over the creative process, fear to prevent us showing our true selves.

Now is the best time ever to regain our sence of reality, truly grounding our personal authenticity into the Earth Mother.  End the judgements of good bad, light dark, man woman, we are simply our truest essence, divine light.


Thunderbird Man

4 Monkey, Bowie time,don’t argue

4 Monkey fell earlier this year, January 26th.  and I had written a blog for a friend https://violetflamerecords.wordpress.com/2016/01/26/time-wave-convergence-for-david-bowie-and-megan-e-morris/

Today the Monkey is showing up to throw shit around as everyone is freaking out that we have the two worst candidates for President ever.

We also have one of the best, Jill2016.com

There are time travel issues today as generational gaps become apparent.  The older generation cannot fathom voting outside of the two-party duopolist oligarchy.

Sexual issues are also coming to the forefront today.  As bad as Trump’s words and behavior are, there is no topping Bill Clinton’s indiscretions and Hillary’s enabling him by covering up and shaming the victims.

Eventually the past catches up with us all.  https://twitter.com/wikileaks

It is an old school technique to blame Russia for everything but the fact remains that US depends on war for its economic survival and dominance.

The future is still ours to create as we see fit, so keep on fighting the good fight with peaceful protests and never back down from what is right, as I had to explain to some Hillary supporters – if 95% of the voting population jumped off a cliff would you jump just because staying on solid ground can’t win?

It is a drag to say that Trump was right – Hillary deliberately deleted thousands of emails https://twitter.com/mtracey/status/786217317881507841/photo/1

Freedom baby! Yeah

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Thunderbird Man

Carlos Cedillo

4 Serpent Eclipse report

What to say? nothing, everything is super perfection.

Today I sent healing through the  Mother Earth while activating a friend’s chakras.  The session was filmed by my friend Marcos Locos and we will post it later this weekend maybe.  Then I got to see an amazing friend I hadn’t seen for two years or so.

A Mermaid Ball is happening in San Marcos, Tx tomorrow, 5 Death.  It should be an amazing spectacle of beauty.

That is not all but it is all for now, nighty night!

Thunderbird Man


4 Serpent Eclipse, 5 Death

160907_0000Hi Folks

Big Energy changes happening – if you didn’t notice – all of it very positive, for a real change!  The Full Moon is Friday 9/16, 2016, that is 4 Serpent on the tzolkin.  It should pack a whopper of a punch for real transmutation of dark energies into the Light, opening very wide our Heart Chakras.  I will be lighting candles at noon Friday if anyone wants to join me here in New Braunfels, please send message, or join in meditation from your place.

So much shifting and cutting off and transmutation already in 2016, now we approach one full Tzolkin (260 days) since January 1, 2016.  That day was 5 Cimi/Death, Sept. 17, 2016 is also 5 Death and we know how many wonderful souls have decided to leave us this year already, starting most memorably with David Bowie who released his final album, Blackstar, on the day he died.

Finally we got some relief from the constant fight against fracking and the big oil companies trying to destroy our environment for their short term profit when Obama stepped in to halt (temporarily) the DAPL pipeline. A Peace treaty for Syria was also negotiated on that same day 9-9-2016(9) – 10 Flint Knife on the tzolkin.

Love has sprouted up all around those of us who have been patiently waiting for our friends and lovers to wake up from the materialist money trap.   The stress is too much and at some point we find we can do more with less.

A few days ago I had a vision of Hillary Clinton turning into a pillar of Salt!  Then she collapsed at 9/11 ceremony!  That is a big collapse for the military-industrial-banking cartel!  Now they may have no choice but to nominate Bernie Sanders and that would be very Good news!  Since they trotted out a body-double from Chelsea Clinton’s apartment, it could be that the real Hillary is already dead and the “powers that were” are freaking out on how to replace her.

On a personal note, I finally started playing in a band “Seth Tymeson and the Blind Salamanders”  I play djembe and percussion and will be playing my 5-string Fender jazz bass next time.  Marcos Locos plays sax and Seth writes the songs.  I also now have Art hanging at two spaces- Tantra in San Marcos, TX and The Workshop in Marble Falls, TX

Coming up:

Autumn equinox Sept, 22 2016, will be 10 Batz/Monkey – be ready to make the Time! I will be at Unifyfest in Santa Fe, NM performing fire ceremony the 24th, or 12 Reed, Sunday is Cosmicjaguar day! (I am Thunderbird Man now, btw)

Oct 1, peyote ceremony, 6 Ahau/Sun, major healing times between now and then!

Oct 8, 13 Deer, a very special day at Mission Concepcion in San Antonio as my friend Gary Perez teaches about a Venus alignment predicted on a mural at the Mission Concepcion and the prophetic message it holds for humanity.

Stay tuned for more adventures of Thunderbird Man!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Carlos Cedillo

Private Maya calendar readings still available!  cosmicjaguar@yahoo.com


4 Noble Truths

DSCN3178Then the Blessed One said…”What is the Noble Truth of Suffering? Birth is suffering, death is suffering, sorrow, lamentation, pain, sadness and distress are suffering.  Being attached to the unloved is suffering, being separated from the loved is suffering, not getting what one wants is suffering…, the five aggregates of grasping are suffering.

….what is not getting what one wants? In beings subject to birth this wish arises ‘Oh that we were not subject to birth, that we might not come to birth!’ but this cannot be gained by wishing.  That is not getting what one wants.  In being subject to ageing, disease, to death, to sorrow, lamentation, pain, sadness and distress this wish arises ‘Oh that we…might not come to these things!’ But this cannot be gained by wishing. That is not getting what one wants.

What is the Noble Truth of the Origin of Suffering?  It is that craving which gives rise to rebirth, bound up with pleasure and lust, finding fresh delight now here, now there: that is to say sensual craving, craving for existence, and craving for non-existence.

Wherever in the world there is anything agreeable and pleasurable, there this craving arises and establishes itself.

What is the Noble Truth of the Cessation of Suffering?  It is the complete fading away and extinction of this craving, its forsaking and abandonment, liberation from it, detachment from it.  How does this craving come to be abandoned, how does its cessation come about?

What is the Noble Truth of the Way of Practice Leading to the Cessation of Suffering?

It is the Noble Eight-fold Path, namely:  Right View; Right Thought; Right Speech; Right Action; Right Livelihood; Right Effort; Right Mindfulness; Right Concentration.

There is this one way to the purification of beings, for the overcoming of sorrow and distress, for the disappearance of pain and sadness, for the gaining of the right path, for the realization of Nibbana: that is to say the four foundations of mindfulness” and it is for this reason that it was said.”

-Buddha, Mahasatipatthana Sutta



Everything is not what we think it is

Version 2I know that this Earth and this Universe is not what we have been taught to believe. Many are opening up to the reality of Higher Dimensional conscious “Light Beings”. Plasma based life forms inhabiting the Earth, the atmosphere, Space, and most importantly, other dimensions than the 3 dimensions we are most accustomed to.

Now that 3D world has dissolved to my perceptions, new universes can be seen through portals opening from super vortex energy spots.  Being a witness to these portals has changed the whole game of spirituality.  Before “Spirit” had been relegated to subjective individual consciousness – dreams, psychic awareness, astral projection or past-life regression, channellings,etc., now the 3D world has slipped up and cannot hold back our shared experience of existing phenomena the world has never allowed to “Be”.

In 2012 I was privileged to be a part of the CE-5 movement, Disclosure Project, actually calling “Light ships” to appear in the sky.  Ever since the mid-1990’s I studied and taught about the Maya prophecies that mention the Return of the Ancestors from the Pleiades and what we experienced during CE-5 was just that.

I believe the physics of the Space Ancestors’ light ships and the inter-dimension portals are related.  It is more probable that the Light ships are really coming to visit with our inner-Earth cousins than to visit us 3D dwellers.

As Buddha awoke, so I have Awakened to know that this 3D experience is the dream and there is a real world that has not locked out the Light Beings from our daily life experience.  The children of the Hopi tribe still make Kachina dolls that resemble the spirit beings that come to play with them.  Orbs are becoming more common in everyone’s digital pictures.

So I get a lot of flack from people for “not making money”.  I may have traded off a large part of the joys of living in the 3D control matrix for adventure and excessive privacy.  The time I took to meditate, day-dream, trip, wander in the deserts and jungles, the non-starter relationships, the heart ache – all that so that I could be the artist and shaman that nature intended for me to become, that is all vindicated now because there is no other way ever that I could have bought my way into this extra-dimensional experience at a canyon cliff dwelling than following that very path I took through life.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

Lair of the Thunderbird Man