Everything is not what we think it is

Version 2I know that this Earth and this Universe is not what we have been taught to believe. Many are opening up to the reality of Higher Dimensional conscious “Light Beings”. Plasma based life forms inhabiting the Earth, the atmosphere, Space, and most importantly, other dimensions than the 3 dimensions we are most accustomed to.

Now that 3D world has dissolved to my perceptions, new universes can be seen through portals opening from super vortex energy spots.  Being a witness to these portals has changed the whole game of spirituality.  Before “Spirit” had been relegated to subjective individual consciousness – dreams, psychic awareness, astral projection or past-life regression, channellings,etc., now the 3D world has slipped up and cannot hold back our shared experience of existing phenomena the world has never allowed to “Be”.

In 2012 I was privileged to be a part of the CE-5 movement, Disclosure Project, actually calling “Light ships” to appear in the sky.  Ever since the mid-1990’s I studied and taught about the Maya prophecies that mention the Return of the Ancestors from the Pleiades and what we experienced during CE-5 was just that.

I believe the physics of the Space Ancestors’ light ships and the inter-dimension portals are related.  It is more probable that the Light ships are really coming to visit with our inner-Earth cousins than to visit us 3D dwellers.

As Buddha awoke, so I have Awakened to know that this 3D experience is the dream and there is a real world that has not locked out the Light Beings from our daily life experience.  The children of the Hopi tribe still make Kachina dolls that resemble the spirit beings that come to play with them.  Orbs are becoming more common in everyone’s digital pictures.

So I get a lot of flack from people for “not making money”.  I may have traded off a large part of the joys of living in the 3D control matrix for adventure and excessive privacy.  The time I took to meditate, day-dream, trip, wander in the deserts and jungles, the non-starter relationships, the heart ache – all that so that I could be the artist and shaman that nature intended for me to become, that is all vindicated now because there is no other way ever that I could have bought my way into this extra-dimensional experience at a canyon cliff dwelling than following that very path I took through life.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin

Lair of the Thunderbird Man


10 Quej, Deer Lord

Today feels like an awesome day to find gold, a real honest ‘heart of gold’ soul.

After all the trauma and Sturm und Drang that I had predicted would go down last week, it is time for a ray of loving sunshine to gleam into our eyes.   There is love out there but old tarnished emotions needed a good scrubbing to make them shine renewed.

Take Heart, go with what it is telling you.

Stay out of FEAR, and stay the hell away from those who are promoting fear as some sort of an answer to their personal pain and unhealed trauma.  Yes there are lots of them and you may think they are your friends, but they spit venom at anyone who dares to mirror their shit back at them.

There are many millions of people screaming at one dumb news story, not willing to see the blatant manipulation they allow to happen to themselves because they are so attached to that old traumatic shit they don’t want to let go of and walk away from.

Any how, there are those who are lots more awake and aware and who have done the WORK that is required to make yourself whole and happy again.

Ok, now, another important issue that has surfaced again.  Watching a career serial liar and bullshit artist extraordinaire rise to the height of political power has opened my own eyes to the dark influence of New-Agey “The Secret” types of “teachers” who tell folks to LIE until your LIE becomes real.  What happens is you turn out like Hillary Clinton, and other manipulative arrogant assholes – this is true of Republicans – willing to lie about her “winning” the election several days before the voting started in California.  Willing to lie and say there is no chance that she will ever be indicted in the FBI investigations happening around her emails and bribes to the Clinton foundation.  How does she know?  Because that is the strategy she learned from other master manipulators, lie until everyone believes your lie and lie and lie and lie just to hoodwink people to take their eyes off reality just long enough for the liar to slip the little ball under a different shell.

Back to LOVE.  Love requires that you stand firm in your TRUTH.  Once you get away from truth, you are out of your HEART and into your mind’s fakery.  You can “prove” anything with your mind, even that the Earth is flat, but that will never stand against the power of truth telling that is your heart’s response to it’s surroundings.

The deliberate falsehoods cause serious karmic damage to everyone around a liar but the liar does not care because in their mind they have changed “reality” and that places their ego in the place where God/Universe/Great Spirit, what ever name you call it, should be residing.

Fortunately, the Heart knows even more, it knows if the truth is still within the heart of someone caught in this game and it knows how to FORGIVE the other person caught up in the “alternate” story.

So forgiveness is the key to getting out of fear and manipulation, and victimization and back to your original state of LOVE for all things real and true.

Good luck with that!

No, just kidding, you can do it now.

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Cosmicjaguar Carlos Cedillo

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Much Love


9 Death/Cimi(Kame)

From Upakkilesa Sutta, Imperfections

When many voices shout at once

None considers himself a fool;

Though the Sangha (community) is split

None thinks himself to be at fault.

They have forgotten thoughtful speech,

They talk obsessed by words alone.

Uncurbed their mouths, they bawl at will;

None knows what leads him so to act.

‘He abused me, he struck me,

He defeated me, he robbed me’ –

In those who harbour thoughts like these

Hatred  will never be allayed.

For in this world hatred is never

Allayed by further acts of hate.

It is allayed by non-hatred:

That is the fixed and ageless law.

Those others do not recognize

That here we should restrain ourselves.

But those wise ones who realize this

At once end all their enmity.

Breakers of bones and murderers,

Those who steal cattle, horses, wealth,

Those who pillage the entire realm –

When even these can act together

Why can you not do so too?

If one can find a worthy friend,

A virtuous, steadfast companion,

Then overcome all threats of danger

And walk with him content and mindful.

But if one finds no worthy friend,

No virtuos, steadfast companion,

Then as a king leaves his conquered realm,

Walk like a tusker in the woods alone.

Better it is to walk alone,

There is no companionship with fools.

Walk alone and do no evil,

At ease like a tusker in the woods.

  • Buddha

The Greatest

Yesterday, 3 Ahau/Sun, we lost the greatest human being to have walked the earth, or at least that’s how he saw himself, Muhammed Ali.

At the time of this writing, 4 Imix/Crocodile, the Moon is approaching conjunction with the Sun. By 10pm tonight CST there will be major activation of the Grand Cross I discussed in yesterday’s post.

The reason so many famous people seem to be passing away this year is that January 1, 2016 was  5 Kame/Death, on the tzolkin calendar.  The number 5 is a higher dimension, or Love.  As our collective consciousness is focused intensely on beginnings of cycles, so the attention most of the world puts on days like January 1, even if it is not part of the Mayan calendar, there is added emphasis on the Mayan tzolkin energy present on such days. This year the Death Lords are taking away our most beloved icons.

The most notorious death this year was David Bowie who put out an album on the day he died titled “Black Star” that has songs Bowie wrote about his own impending death.

The list of other “stars” who passed is long but Prince and now Muhammed Ali are two other big standouts.

I mentioned how Bernie Sanders’ Tzolkin birthday, 6 Akbal is happening on Monday June 6, 2016, the day before big primary elections. (see link above) It also turns out to be a Venus/Sun conjunction that relates to the big Venus Transit of June 5, 2012.  The implications are very startling, Bernie should win “Yuge” victories through out all the states voting on Tuesday,even New Jersey but especially California. Like the Champ, Muhammed Ali, Bernie should have the strength behind him to knock out his famous competitor, Hillary Clinton.

So sayeth the Cosmicjaguar!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!


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2 Kawok 3 Ahau to 8 Kan


If you didn’t notice, lots of people are going through, ahem, shall we say difficult stuff right now.  This is due to a Grand Cross pattern on the Western astrology zodiac.

So Saturn is the big culprit at 13*Sagittarius opposing the Sun at 12*Gemini, Neptune in Pisces makes everything confusing opposite expansive Jupiter in Virgo, so it is really confusing!

As the Moon moves closer to conjunction with the Sun, we can expect some major break ups and Strum Und Drang.

Or if you look through the lens of the Maya calendar instead, everything seems to be coming up roses!  Friday June 3 is 3Ahau/Sun and a great time to get that light energy churning again.  Practice some lightworker meditations, salute the Sun, let the light bubbles fill your head and heart.  Saturday is 4 Imix/Crocodile, and it is a New Moon (10pm CST)  Make plans for expanding your manifestations, hypnotize yourself into getting out and about.  Do be careful that you don’t clash with other people’s ideas of what should or should not be, just move away if anyone is a little argumentative.  The number 4 is a great representation of the Grand Cross!  BANG! sorry, didn’t mean to make you freak out…

Sunday is 5 Ik/Wind, breath spirit, one of my most beautiful friends and coolest person on the planet is 5 Ik, breathing life from the fifth dimension.  Let someone take your breath away!

Now we get to the interesting world political stuff, Bernie Sanders who is 6 Akbal/Night.  This is Monday June 6, just one day before some major Democratic primary races.  The most important elections are in New Jersey and California.  Most Lame stream media will be trying to convince everyone that Hillary Clinton is the official nominee, but we already know ahead of time that this is a tremendous lie.  Bernie has all the energy behind him to pull off very big wins all over the country.  The primary day is 7 Ka’at/Lizard, or Net, so even if Bernie only manages to tie Hillary, it will essentially be a huge victory for him because the lame Stream media has been 100% bought and paid for by Hillary’s campaign.

Bernie’s big victory will trigger a backlash from the vipers, so be careful on Wednesday 8 Serpent.  Have a ceremony, do yoga, avoid drama mamas, do anything to soothe your nerves or just try to sleep through it all. KAHN!!!!

I will catch you up on the rest of the trecena and uinal cycles in a couple of days, so be cool y’all, be cool!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Carlos Cedillo

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8 Road powerful destiny

Aho relatives,

Honor to the Ancient Teotihuacan Empire that stretched out from current day Mexico City north to current day Arizona and New Mexico, south east to Yucatan , Guatemala, Belize and Honduras.  Through treaty, trade and conquest our Ancestors consolidated their  rule and spread their religion and culture to rival any great empire that ever existed in Europe or Asia.

I am proud to say I have walked much of this territory.  I noticed right away the similarities of building techniques, glyphic languages and spiritual beliefs and practices of the Ancient Chacoan and Anasazi and those of the Maya, Aztec and Olmec Ancestors.

Although every tribe will insist the old stories belong to themselves, the truth is found in all the deepest creation myths.   These ancient ways are the only things that can save the current civilization living on the Western continents of North and South America.  Why should we not call this Turtle Island and begin to use the PreColumbian languages once again?

Obviously we must also adopt modern technology as well, but now in a clean, ethical way to help regenerate our Mother Earth.

I have a personal vision that I want you all to help manifest for my new life when we are all equally awake.  Envision a tropical yoga and healing spa in Guatemala (or Mexico) where I will lead expeditions to newly excavated Maya pyramids and teach the tzolkin calendar and hold beautiful ceremonies and perform soothing sitar and classical guitar concerts every night.

Thanks, and world peace, see that too

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!




12 Akbal, one more step to the Future

I will be teaching “Your Life’s purpose via the Mayan calendar at University of Texas’ Informal classes.


7:00PM to 8:00PM
Jun 16, 2016 to Jul 21, 2016


Please join me and change your life and we can change the world together!

Today is a Romantic kind of day, so go ahead and put your heart out there on a line and see what you can reel in!

It is your house, hearth, fireplace, dream-space portal.

So I have learned a big lesson about Tantric life-force energy, the serpent and the apple.

Most of this information came to me in dreams.  One dream was that I was a t a sorority house and the women were eating apples, when I payed a chord on a guitar, the women all ran screaming, “no we hate that sound!”….The reality happened last Saturday at a women’s retreat center in Austin, Tx.  The apple was a Tantric exercise class.

It seems that my tantric, life-force energy is off the charts and there are a few folks who do not have tantric energy that is harmonious with my own.  When our energies meet, a harsh, dissonant vibration is created.  Apparently this makes me into a target for all sorts of dark entities to shoot their arrows at.

I have a strong light force field around me.  Those dark arrows fall flat on the ground and turn into beautiful flowers.

I used to blame myself for such confrontations, but now I understand that it is not my problem that others have suffered so much from Tantric energy attacks, physical or psychological or otherwise.  It is unfortunate that simply being a man who resembles some of the twisted men who were actual culprits in abuse of women and Mother Earth, I would become a target for the accumulated fear and hate.

This is a good healing moment.  Without a true balance between the masculine and feminine Tantric forces, the cycle of patriarchal domination, and the psychological disorders it causes in it’s victims cannot finally dissolve and heal.

Certainly there are more and more fully healed and Ascending Light Beings among both sexes and in all the new alternate sexes popping up as people decide for themselves the roles they wish to play in life!

We can offer help to those still stuck in the patriarchal dominance mode of fear, hate, violence and revenge.  Ultimately it is not for us to decide if someone else can heal, but truly up to each individual to desire  and find their own healing.

We can be the light, hold the light, shine the light react in love act on love, love even when it is not returned to us, not ever lowering our standards or living in denial.

Love wins because it is within us always.

Peace out

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!

Carlos Cedillo