Life Path Readings! Mayan Daykeeping charts

Catch a glimpse of your destiny, how aligned are you with your Higher self and your true calling. Bring balance to your masculine and feminine energies and understand the influences of your ancestors. (click for video!)

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Did you know that there is an alternative to Western Planetary Astrology that is simple, concise and easy to understand. Did you know there was a calendar system that describes the real cycles of growth we humans experience? This means so much more than that we just went around the sun one more time.

This system is the Mayan Tzolkin calendar. The tzolkin is a 260 cycle that has been in use for thousands of years. It even predated the Maya who retained the system from older civilizations. Now you can harness the wisdom inherent in the many cycles with the help of an experienced Daykeeper.

The Maya calendar is a deeply personal psychological tool for understanding human development and ultimately leading us to a Zen-like state of mind. By this I mean that having an understanding of the process of “time” we can see the living “space” is created from consciousness. Time is not a linear progression from one chaotic state to the next, but rather an unfolding of light energies in an evolutionary spiral or tube-torus shape.

To help you see your place and purpose in Cosmic Time I can create two revealing charts. The first chart known as the “Mayan Cross” shows your birthday on the 260 day Tzolkin and other days that harmonize with your day-sign. This chart gives you insight into your past, present and future energies, as well as your masculine and feminine influences. The second chart shows your “Spiritual Birthday” that happens every 360 days or “Tun”. This chart shows the qualities of the tun cycles you have experienced and of the tuns coming in the future.

This is authentic wisdom and knowledge applied to your personal life and relationships. As an experienced Daykeeper I can share with you my personal experiences of each day as well as astronomical and historical events of great significance that may have happened on your Tzolkin days.

After your reading, the Tzolkin will have much more significance for you as you see the metaphors and themes present in every day, with special days happening for you increasingly more often. Every day opens up a special Earth Magic that has been present all along, but now you will have the eyes to see!

Understanding the Mayan Tzolkin calendar can enhance your spiritual practice. The wisdom and practical knowledge you gain puts you in touch with your Ancestors and Spirit guides. As these cycles of time become alive in your conscience, the Universe spontaneously brings you joy and miracles.

There are distinct energies with a theme and feeling about each day that repeats in an evolved state every 260 days. Having a deep understanding of this dramatically improves your relationship with time and all your relationships in general, the most important with your higher-self!

The Tzolkin calendar is the birthright of anyone living in North and Central America, the implications it contains can benefit the entire Earth. Just over 500 years ago Europeans brought their calendar and imposed it upon the Natives of the land. Now we have reached a point in time that was spoken about by the ancient Maya in stone carvings and in their spoken word traditions recorded in the Chilam Balam, the “Jaguar Prophets.” More and more stone records are being found by archeologists every few months.

Is it any kind of miracle that the Pope, the chief Time keeper of the “Gregorian” calendar, has announced his retirement so soon after 2012? Or that large meteors are striking the Earth and humanity has reached the end of its “Systems” of governments and finances and our disastrous resources management?

It was not until the final fews months before Dec. 21, 2012 that “mainstream” media bothered to mention that such texts as the Chilam Balam even existed. Very little other than the prophecy for one particular date – 12.21.12 – is ever discussed. Those who did talk about the Maya calendar were often distracted by proponents of a counterfeit calendar known as Dreamspell.

There are more prophecies recorded in the Chilam Balam for every time cycle we have been living through and now there is more benevolent energy coming from the Cosmos and our sun, the Pleiades, the Great Central Sun as well as the “Dark-rift” at the center of the Milky Way. Alcyone and Sirius aligned with Jupiter and Orion’s belt on 12.21.12. Our calendars now need to track how we rotate around our local star cluster and worlds that exist in higher dimensions.

We are learning how to be citizens of the galaxy with acknowledgment that our Star Brothers and Sisters have been with us before and that is how we knew for so long that these days were ahead for us and so much more.

There are still many great events coming up for humanity and all of it is timed to this sacred calendar.

I was drawn to the work of Dr. Carl Calleman just after 9/11/01. His work pinpoints days when the shorter cycles shift and in a fractal-like geometric fashion according to patterns created by influences from larger cycles of time. I was fortunate to go on two Spiritual Journeys to Guatemala with Don Alejandro Oxlaj in 2007 and 2009. His wisdom truly opened me up to the wisdom of our hearts and the voices of our Ancestors.

Now that we have passed the end of all “End of the World” scenarios and can look a little more deeply at what this incredible daykeeping wisdom has to offer us. Truly we live not only in a new Century but a new Grand Baktun cycle. Now we consciously evolve as infinite Beings of Cosmic Light and LOVE. I offer myself in humble service to help humanity and you, to integrate this profound ancient wisdom.

I am now offering “Angelic Light Healing” for donations. This is a hands on, or distance healing practice. Similar to Reiki, but using the direct communion with Angels and Ascended Masters.  I also work with the Violet Flame decrees, crystal chakra healings, Mayan Tarot readings and Hsin Tao Yoga.  Sacred Music of course also a part of my spiritual toolkit!

Read these ringing endorsements!

Yours Truly,
Carlos Cedillo


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