Pregnant pause

Wednesday, May 21 is 13 K’at, the Cosmic Lizard. 13 Lizard is the tzolkin birth glyph of Fela Kuti, the influencial, politically conscious originator of Afro-jazz. Youtube Fela Kuti now and listen as you read the rest of this article for best karma! The new trecena starts Thursday 5/22/14 with 1 Earthquake and ends 13 Toj/Water, the day of Cosmic Offerings, June 3, 2014.

On May 25, 2014 a Real Sun-day, 4 Ahau, returns for the second time since Dec. 21, 2012! That will be 520 days.

On that fateful Winter Solstice of 2012 I was blessed to be allowed to perform a Mayan Fire ceremony, as I learned from Mayan Grand elder, Don Alejandro Oxlaj, at the Unity church of Wimberley, TX. To everybody’s amazement, at the very start of the ceremony we all saw the Great Cosmic Tree alignment of Stars and planets.

Jupiter was highest in the sky right by the Pleiades in Taurus. Just below was Orion’s Belt and below that, was Sirius. All in a perfect straight line. The modern Archeo-astronomers were right as well as the Maya Ancestors!

In our ceremony, we invoked a new Cosmic Tree, one that would flower as in our new dreams and the intentions we spoke into the fire and smoke. Whatever intentions you may have had for 12/21/12 you shall begin to see come to fruition. May 25, 2014 should be a flower-filled day!

In the Creation myth stories of the Popol Vuh, there are lots of things conceived in darkness. It is all making sense now that science can prove the Universe was created out of dark matter! Dark matter is where Sovereign Plumed Serpent spoke with the tripartite being, Heart of the Sky. “They agreed with each other, they joined their words, their thoughts.” (Translation, Dennis Tedlock)

Blood Moon was the name of the Underworld Lord’s daughter who wanted to taste the forbidden fruit of the Calabash tree. The calabash was the head of One Hunahpu who had just been sacrificed by One and Seven Death and had his head placed in the fork of a tree.

The head of One Hunahpu was merely a dry skull, a void, but he spoke from that void and produced spittle from that void and spit it into Blood Moon’s hand. Blood Moon was impregnated with the reincarnations of One and Seven Hunahpu.

We recently experienced the effects of a Blood Moon back on April, 15, 2014, that was a 3 Ahau. 40 days makes one “step” up in Maya calendar evolution on 4 Ahau, 5/25/14. Perhaps we all may have experienced some form of immaculate conception or another during last month’s Lunar eclipse and are about ready to concieve!

Thank you every one who responded last week to my call for ideas on how to proceed as a shaman daykeeper. I still am open to suggestions. If you feel so inspired to engage my services as a Mayan daykeeper please reach out today!

Aho Mitakuye Oyasin!
Carlos Cedillo

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